T-Rex Miner - История версий (changelog)

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T-Rex Miner


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  • (Windows) Add optional min/max fan speed constraints in auto-fan mode (see –fan for more details)
  • (API) Add timestamp of the last submitted share (last_submit_ts) Bug fixes:
  • (autolykos2) Improve compatibility with mining pools
  • Command line parameter –worker does not take precedence over the one specified in the config file
  • (API) Pausing the miner through HTTP POST is not working
  • –fork-at functionality is broken
  • Cosmetic UI fixes
  • NOTE: Telnet API will be removed from the miner in the next release as superseded by HTTP API.


  • (Linux) Add GPU power limit management support (see –pl parameter for details) Bug fixes:

  • (autolykos2) Duplicate share issue
  • (Windows) Fans spin up to 100% in auto-fan mode if GPU temperature is well below the target temperature
  • (Web UI) watchdog-exit-mode parameter is missing in the config


  • (autolykos2) Minor performance improvements (mainly Pascal GPUs)
  • (Windows) Increase fan speed to 100% in auto-fan mode

Bug fixes:

  • (autolykos2) Invalid shares when mining ERGO at NiceHash
  • (mtp) ntime out of range and Low difficulty share errors T-Rex v0.21.3

Bug fixes:

  • (autolykos2) Low pool side hashrate caused by invalid shares


  • Add –lock-cclock parameter to lock GPU core clock speed
  • (Windows) Add –lock-cv parameter to lock GPU core voltage
  • (Windows) Add –pstate parameter to lock GPU performance/power state (currently p0 is the only supported value)
  • (Windows) Allow passing in values greater than 100% to –pl if the GPU supports it
  • Reduce miner startup time


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