T-Rex Miner: Dual mining (HiveOS and Windows) with 100% LHR Unlock

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Dual Ethereum LHR unlock mining in HiveOS and Windows 10.

dual T-Rex Miner

GPU miners can benefit from the fact that some algorithms are memory intensive (e.g. ethash) and others are core intensive (e.g. blake3), allowing them to be combined and mine a secondary algorithm with very little impact on the hashrate of the main algorithm.

Dual mining can be enabled with the --dual-algo option, which should be preferred to the deprecated --lhr-algo.


We will take a wallet for Alephium at the Gate.io cryptocurrency exchange.

Quick start: see the file “ETC+ALPH” *.bat/*.sh in the miner archive. If you are using HiveOS or any other mining OS that launches T-Rex with a config file instead of command line arguments, you need to specify your options in JSON, like so:

"dual-algo": "blake3"
"url2": "stratum+tcp://pool.woolypooly.com:3106"
"user2": "14xchBfD4bwxdti44NyjK5BQWympyHuxAREigL2UkZCgZ"
"pass2": "x"

The above will set blake3 as the second algo in dual mining mode.

Just watch the detailed video of dual mining setup:

LHR full unlock with dual mining in T-Rex? Profit & Hashrate tested on 3060, 3060 Ti, 3070 & 3070 Ti
In this video we show you how to unlock the LHR hashrate limiter on Nvidia GPUs with T rex miners latest update.

The video was uploaded on 10/8/2021.

You can view the video here.

The video lasts for 21 minutes and 30 seconds.

HiveOS Trex dual mining Eth + Alph with 100 % LHR unlock

We are going to learn how to setup our flightsheets to test the T rex miner 100% LHR unlocker. We will also compare it to NB Miner.

The video was uploaded on 5/10/2022.

The video lasts for 4 minutes and 8 seconds.


There are several options for controlling the intensity, fine-tuning the performance of video cards depending on how they perform dual mining. See options below:

--dual-algo-mode <algo>:<tuning coefficient>

<algo> can be one of the following:

  • a1 - GPU will mine only the main algorithm (ETH)
  • a2 - The GPU will only mine the secondary algorithm (the one you set in --dual-algo)
  • a12 - GPU will mine both algorithms at the same time (Dual mining) <tuning coefficient> is optional and can be one of the following:
Tuning coefficient GPU type Description Formula
rXX non-LHR “dual ratio” XX H2 = H1 * <dual ratio>
hXX non-LHR primary algo hashrate percentage XX% H1 = H1_max * <hashrate percentage> / 100.0
rXX:lrYY LHR “dual ratio” XX
“LHR dual ratio” YY
H2 = H1 * <dual ratio> + (H1_max - H1) * <LHR dual ratio>


  • H1 - hashrate of the main algorithm
  • H2 - secondary algorithm hashrate
  • H1_max - maximum theoretical hashrate of the primary algorithm

The default value for --dual-algo-mode is a12, which means that all video cards will mine in dual mode with default settings.

Non-LHR graphics cards will attempt to support 98% of the main algorithm’s maximum hashrate, and LHRs may be at LHR 74 unless the LHR settings are explicitly set to a different value.

--profit-per-mh <profit_algo1>:<profit_algo2>

<profit_algo1> is the amount in dollars (or any other currency) that you expect to earn for 1MH/s mining on the main algorithm. You can get this information from the online mining calculator.

<profit_algo2> - the same for the secondary algorithm.

Assuming you haven’t set the dual ratio explicitly, this setting will cause the miner to compare different “double ratios” at startup and choose the one that gives the most profit. This feature is only applicable to non-LHR cards. Your LHR cards will be Dual Mined according to the specified LHR setting values.


Consider the following set of options, assuming they are part of the ETH+ALPH configuration:

--dual-algo-mode a2,a1,a12,a12:r15:lr19,a12:r15,a1,a12:h95,a12
--lhr-tune 0,74,73,72,0,0,0,0
--profit-per-mh 0.0516:0.0012

This config translates to the following:

  • GPU#0: not LHR, mines ALPH
  • GPU#1: LHR, mines ETH with LHR 74
  • GPU#2: LHR, mines ETH+ALPH with LHR 73
  • GPU#3: LHR, ETH+ALPH mining with LHR 72, double ratio 15, double ratio LHR 19
  • GPU#4: non LHR, mines ETH+ALPH with double ratio 15
  • GPU#5: not LHR, mines ETH
  • GPU#6: non-LHR, mines ETH+ALPH with ETH hashrate around 95% of its max value in single mode.
  • GPU#7: non-LHR, mines ETH+ALPH at double rate which maximizes profitability based on the data set in

--profit-per-mh (expected profit ETH - $0.0516/MH, ALPH - $0.0012/MH)


  • Due to its nature, dual mining is very energy intensive, so if you want to maximize the hashrate of the secondary algorithm, try increasing the power limit.
    An even better way would be to leave the maximum power limit and instead lock the core clock for graphics cards that support it.
  • Don’t forget to restart the miner after changing overclock settings.

LHR GPU Mining Full Unlock With Dual Mining On HIVEOS. Tested on RTX 3060 TI

In this video we breakout a HIVEOS guide on how to utilize the new T-Rex miner update to unlock the full potiental of your LHR mining GPUs.

The video was uploaded on 10/11/2021.

You can view the video here.

The video lasts for 12 minutes and 12 seconds.

Happy mining!

mining rig for trex miner