Download TRex Miner 0.25.2 - NVIDIA GPU Miner

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Version: 0.25.2
File: *t-rex.exe,
SHA256: 1ac7da95abafbcb7e020f70d406e5ccb1039ac5d783719365b6e0a3c42e3aeea
(Download for Linux)

T-Rex Miner The new T-Rex Miner stable version is ready.

You can download T-Rex Miner 0.25.2 from here:

Download Now

Download (mirror)

Inside the archive you will find a file README.txt with installation instructions.

Make sure to replace the pool and wallet address by what you’re using in all files.

mining rig for trex miner


  • Add blake3 algorithm (Alephium coin).
  • Add ETH+ALPH dual mining mode for LHR cards (ETH 68% / ALPH 32% by default).

NOTE: solo mining to Alephium nodes isn’t supported