Download TRex Miner 0.24.6 - NVIDIA GPU Miner

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Version: 0.24.6
File: *t-rex.exe,
SHA256: 0d3b835e196714b2f1d680800e05f2ca1f42fa7d29a824ca74e2252303377bd7
(Download for Linux)

T-Rex Miner The new T-Rex Miner stable version is ready.

You can download T-Rex Miner 0.24.6 from here:

Download Now

Download (mirror)

Inside the archive you will find a file README.txt with installation instructions.

Make sure to replace the pool and wallet address by what you’re using in all files.

mining rig


  • (ethash) Improved LHR unlocker, LHR tune value increased from 71 to 74 by default. The new LHR tune scale is somewhat different, so it’s recommended to let autotune find the optimal parameters (in other words, for the first run, remove --lhr-autotune-mode and --lhr-tune parameters from your bat file if they are set)
  • (ethash, autolykos2) New --lhr-autotune-step-size and --lhr-autotune-interval parameters for finer control of LHR unlock behaviour
  • (ethash, firopow) Added ETH+FIRO dual mining (use the same OC settings as ETH+RVN)
  • (autolykos2) New --dataset-mode parameter to enable/disable double buffer mode:
    • 1 - single buffer mode,
    • 2 - double buffer mode (default)
  • Added SOCKS5 proxy support (see --proxy parameter)
  • New --temperature-color-mem parameter to control memory temperature highlighting in console

Bug fixes:

  • (ethash) RTX 3060 GA104 is not recognised as an LHR card
  • Veriblock mining is broken since 0.24.2
  • (Linux) Log file contains ANSI escape sequences